Can you support me with my hair reduction?!?!?!?

Question by [Enter Name Here]: Can you help me with my hair loss?!?!?!?

Ok, my hair has been falling out at the root for about two months now. I went to the doc and he said my scalp is healthy, so he doesn’t know what it is, could be stress, poor nutrition, a bad dye job, or from a traumatic event (so the doc was pretty much useless)

I have been taking multivitamins, biotin, hair skin and nails vitamins and shen min for like 6 weeks now and its still falling out!! I am using a good shampoo and conditioner too.

And I’m a 21 yr old male and family members don’t have hair loss, so its not hereditary. And its not alopecia…

HELP! :'(

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Answer by T M
Go to another doctor.

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