Can you support me with my Lab benefits for my thyroids?

Question by TiGhTmLnDrNa: Can you support me with my Lab results for my thyroids?
My doc stated that I am normal and my hair loss is thanks to needing vitamins. But then again I have PCOS, which that does not aid possibly.

But, am I on the standard facet?

Free T4 one.four
TSH .453
Totally free T3 2.92

Are these good, or need to I be anxious? My hair is nevertheless not increasing again or the hair loss had not stopped.

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Answer by Angelbunny17
Hello. Your TSH is beneath normal. The greatest assortment to be in is between 1 and 2. PCOS can trigger hair reduction, if your physician isn’t going to even know that, it’s time for you to get another medical doctor. Great luck 🙂

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  1. Chocolate Chip Meringue

    We can’t give you a good response because you failed to provide ranges for the free’s. 🙁 So I’ll say a few things. If that free T3 is low in the range, and with that low TSH, you have hypopituitary, which causes hypothyroidism.

    Or, that TSH can be low because of an autoimmune attack on the thyroid:

    Both PCOS and hair loss are symptoms of hypothyroid. See if you have others here: