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List Price: $ 19.94

Price: $ 19.94

[anticon] why? – The Vowels Pt. 2
Video Rating: 4 / 5

what is alopecia


  1. bouffantbootsy

    @grover217 very true. all these emo fucks do is talk about having crohn’s, jacking off in art museums and how those trace amounts of acid stay in my spine. man, texas is the reason is rolling in their grave over what their scene has become.

  2. mychokehold

    @grover217 8==================================D

  3. confectionarybirth

  4. grover217

    he’s a complete sociopath. the more recognition and success he gains the more emo this fuck gets

  5. @jonh013 “who is why? and´╗┐ odd nosdam” as in, “reaching quite as an entity is formed of why? and odd nosdam” just they wrote it in a stream of conciousness way, not that hard to get ‘_’

  6. ApolloTheTruth

    @jonh013 no, reaching quiet is composed of the artists ‘why?’ and ‘odd nosdam’ off the anticon label. reaching quiet has an album which contains a song called ‘the vowels’, which i assume would be the first part of this song. holy fuck

  7. @blind87us the fact that you just put down anyone other than yourself and those who didnt discover why? before yoni made a collective band and threw in all your nifty info and opinions on him kinda makes you look like the hipster… just sayin

  8. @ApolloTheTruth did you just ask who the “why?” is? are you trolling me right now?

  9. ApolloTheTruth

    @jonh013 just found an album by reaching quiet, who is why? and odd nosdam. the album is called in the shadow of the living room and it has a song called the vowels. i assume that is part one

  10. @ApolloTheTruth there is no part one, or if there is they haven’t released it yet.. but the alopecia demo tapes are what i equate to the first part check it out

  11. @blind87us Shut the fuck up you bellend, you talk shit.

  12. blind87us

    @AllforPanic Thank you for calling him a MC, Ive been listening to anticon Since 2001, and all these emo ass chimp ass hipsters dont know that he was a MC, he was at scribble jam, in clouddead, and supported hiphop, The first anticon album was called hip hop for the advancement of mankind, thank you for recognizing


    @J0eLVaReLa Dont be a toy! Yoni dont want or need to be signed by Rhymesayers. HAHAHa

  14. AllforPanic

    Hell yea, one of the sickest MC’s iv3 ever come across.

  15. Abryzof423

    bout damn time i could find this jam. the site became jam packed with live vids which arent bad but i love bumpin the clarity

  16. camisacook

    am i an example of a calculated birth, to a star chart for clowns? I’m not!

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