Cheap “Do not Go Shopping for Hair-Care Items Without Me: Over 4,000 Items Reviewed, Furthermore the Most up-to-date Hair-Care Information”

Don’t Go Shopping for Hair-Treatment Merchandise Without having Me: Above 4,000 Merchandise Reviewed, Plus the Newest Hair-Care Information

Are shampoos and conditioners really worth it? Can good hair-care items be found at the drugstore, or are the expensive salon products actually excellent? In this comprehensive guidebook to all items hair care, consumer advocate Paula Begoun solutions these concerns and far more in her critiques of far more than one hundred thirty drugstore, salon, and division store hair product lines, from Aveda to Matrix and Pantene to Zirh. Countless numbers of items are described and evaluated according to their performance, dependability, cost, and promises. Begoun compares very good and bad ingredients, dispels hair-care sector myths, evaluates what will help and what hurts hair, and explains how to tell the big difference among truth and buzz with respect to a product’s overall performance. Hair spray

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  1. Groovy Vegan
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    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Paula’s reviews match my experiences with hair care products, October 2, 2002
    Groovy Vegan (USA) –

    For years I purchased expensive salon shampoos touting moisturizing properties for dry hair, only to have them dry out my hair. Finally I stumbled across a shampoo for dry hair that along with its conditioner, not only doesn’t dry out my hair but leaves it looking shining. If I had first consulted Paula Begoun’s book, I would have save myself a lot of money and bad hair days! I looked up all those shampoos claiming to moisturize dry hair, and Paula writes that they can dry out hair. I looked up the shampoo that worked and Paula not only gives it a favorable review, she lists it in “The Best Products” chapter under “Dry to very dry scalp and hair of any thickness.” I appreciate that her product reviews contain a smiley, frowning or neutral face for quick reference, price per volume, a listing of what’s in the product, and a statement or 2 about product, often with a mention of the type of hair it will or will not work well with.

    In addition to 362 pages of product reviews and a 62 page section listing the best products for shampooing, conditioning and styling all types of hair, 191 pages provide an education about hair and the hair care industry. Among the topics covered are: Common ingredients in shampoos and why they’re there, scientific causes of bad hair days, hair care basics, perming hair, coloring hair, and many more as you can see in the index. I’m not a cosmetologist, but Paula’s information basically agrees with what my trusted hair stylist tells me. Also, I appreciate that Paula devoted a chapter to animal testing and gives a 1999 list of companies that do and do not test on animals, along with a website for getting a more up-to-date.

    I’m giving 4 stars because of my one reservation about buying the book: as new hair care products become available and old ones go off the market or change their formulas, this book becomes dated. My January 2000 edition is nearly 3 years old and already I couldn’t find a new shampoo that I tried, although since she gave all the other shampoos in that line a good rating, I correctly assumed it was good. If you’re considering buying this book, I recommend buying a recent edition, or checking Paula’s website,, and seeing if a new edition is forthcoming. Other than that one hesitation, I wholeheartly recommend this book to everyone who has hair!

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  2. T. Reinhardt "olivia lee"
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    AMAZING AS HER COSMETICS BOOK!, September 9, 2000
    T. Reinhardt “olivia lee” (east coast) –

    I can’t understand how she has the time for all this research but I am sure glad she does! This is a very helpful book especially with all the claims made by the hair care companies! Going thru this book trying to find a product that is good for your hair can be daunting sometimes because there are just SO many products reviewed! BUT if you take your time and go thru the book and look thru her suggestion,,, you will find a good product at a great price. Paula has a real issue with over-paying (G-d Bless her :O) This book has saved me mega-bucks trying everything new that promises to cure my frizzes! Well worth the money at twice the price!

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