Coping with hair loss and hypothyroidism.?

Query by : Coping with hair loss and hypothyroidism.?
I have sever Hypothyroidism and I experience all the signs and symptoms except a Goiter (Thank God). I know there are some women dealing with this nowadays. I have constantly had thick extended hair, now im thinning. No one particular can tell a variation nevertheless, but I can. How do y’all cope with it? Is there anything I can do to make it show up it is just as thick as it has always been.
I have only acquired fifty lbs .. I’m not worried with my fat. I was inquiring about hait loss.
*Hair reduction.
I am on 3oo mcg a working day

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Solution by Rachael T
request your dr about acquiring on synthroid. its a thyroid med. my daughter has thyroid troubles and when she started getting it her hair turned from skinny and uninteresting to thick and shiny!

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  1. Melanie V

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