Could I possibly have cancer or leukemia?

Issue by Marie: Could I potentially have most cancers or leukemia?
For about a thirty day period now. My hair will come out when in the shower even if I am just likely over it to rinse the shampoo out. I observed on my corners of my head in the entrance on each sides I am beginning to go bald. I am only 19 a long time previous. What could be mistaken with me. I am not for positive how to go about it. Is this or could it be indicators of cancer or leukemia? Need to I consider caution & see a medical professional?

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Reply by Sam
some individuals do begin to drop hair at a quite youthful age. i can see that your anxious about it so why dont you go to the doctor and he can let you know whats mistaken. it could be some thing that could simply be mounted. and i dont feel you want to get rid of any more hair, so go to the doctor before its all absent. good luck

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