Could sitting 10′ absent from a high voltage power box 40 hr/week result in wellness issues?

Issue by wiseman: Could sitting 10′ absent from a large voltage energy box forty hr/week result in health problems?
Outside the house of my window is a huge higher voltage electricity box in which i sit up coming to for 40+ hrs a week even though at function.
This earlier week, i noticed that i experienced a small quarter sized bald location, which is Alopecia areata
I’m just curious if this is what caused it…
Many thanks.

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Solution by wizzy
Tension has been suspected to be the main lead to of Alopecia Areata an autoimmune condition. I have in no way read of any large voltage publicity cauing it. It triggers bald place that can unfold to the entire scalp and at times even the complete entire body.

For a start you can assess with the pictures in Pursuing this, a pores and skin biopsy must be carried out by a trained health care physician. This is the ideal way to diagnose and confirm. It will display any irregular concentration of T-cells (immune cells) at the afflicted spot.

My bro did the same when experienced this difficulty. However he managed to get well utilizing a remedy he discovered in the site. Wish you a fast restoration

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