Could this operate as a possible therapy for clip induced alopecia?

Problem by lmilne85: Could this work as a possible treatment for clip induced alopecia?
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I am hunting for somebody with possibly some grooming knowledge or a person that is familiar with the solution I am speaking about.

My poor Pomeranian’s coat has been totally compromised by a far too short buzz lower resulting in what I have heard refered to as “clip alopecia”. Essentially, his complete mid area has nothing at all but Very short, frizzy fur and several bald places. His coat is not increasing back. It has been above a calendar year now and this is as very good as its planning to get for him at this point.

I have been making an attempt to uncover out if there is any way of reversing the harm and potentially get his coat to develop again even if it never gets as stunning as it was prior to the clipping incident. In my hunting I came throughout something named Megatek by Eqyss. I have in no way seen this prior to or heard of it prior to now but from what I am reading, it would seem to be a reasonably productive product employed for coat restoration and rebuilding in animals. Supposedly it stimulates hair regrowth and operates nicely on bald spots and all that. My problem is, has anyone at any time tried using this on their pet and does it really work? And could this probably work to assist reverse the damage from the bad hair minimize for my Pom or would it not work for a dilemma of this mother nature?

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Answer by Maltese Mom
I am a groomer and have noticed that the coat may possibly appear back immediately after a couple of several years if it is not reduce yet again. I had a client that wished only an inch taken off, leaving about an inch and I did not believe it would be a problem but it eventually was. He lost his major coat and was left with the fuzzy undercoat. His owner became really sick and I never know what took place to her or the canine.

Eqyss has a rather very good reputation. I’d go for it. You have nothing at all to drop.

I practically make clients that want their double-coated breeds shaved down signal in blood that they understand that the coat may possibly not occur back correctly. I actually loathe possessing to do it.

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