1. National Alopecia Areata Foundation

    Check out an overview video about the National Alopecia Areata Foundation’s
    Treatment Development Program: National Alopecia Areata Foundation –
    Treatment Development Program Overview

  2. Elizabeth Lua

    I had alopecia areata. My hairdresser recommended Argan Rain products for
    improvement of hair regrowth and thickening. I was skeptical at first, but
    after a month or so, my hair was growing back stronger and thicker. I
    recommended all of you having alopecia problem.

  3. abdulla noor

    NONE of the research centers have done ANYTHING to be mentioned or
    appreciated.. NAAF, other than identifying those 8 genes, things have been
    stationary since forever! you know what really kills me? is the retarded
    research centers or whoever is involved are testing anti-inflammatory drugs
    instead of getting to know what triggers the mechanism behind alopecia, why
    the immune attacks the hair follicle? that would actually open many doors
    to understand alopecia more, but what Colombia medical center and the
    others have been wasting money on was useless drugs, without knowing the
    underlying cause of alopecia.. and whoever says bald is beautiful i feel
    like i wanna choke the hell out of them! retarded ignorant’s

  4. Charles Frank

    Massage your scalp with an .Argan.Rain.. Argan Oil Hair Treatment lotion
    which is sulfate free and contains no alcohol and wash it off.(consult an
    aurvedic chemist to prepare a lotion suitable for your kind of hair) or for
    all hair types.. I use Argan
    ,Rain the product on the link effective to fight with hair loss.

  5. Please watch, understand and, if you can, contribute! Thank you.

  6. pebs122297

    Great video. Probably only thing I would have liked to see were more
    testimonials. But, I enjoyed watching a video of lots of people just like

  7. Lori Jacobi

    Thank you to NAAF Staff and Volunteers for all of your great efforts to
    help us!