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  1. Arturo Amare

    *I love **dermo biotin shampoo It helps in hair regeneration, I c a n
    see the difference in my hair, it definitely does help in hair loss trouble
    in very short time** It has all natural ingredients in it which I l o v e
    & w o r k s great if you have oily scalp..*

  2. jay aguilar

    Wow you are amazingly georgious!!! I lost all my hair in two days and I’m
    27 going on 28 soon so its kind of sucks.

  3. Your hair on the top of your head looks fine. The part doesn’t look like
    its wide? 

  4. Sandra Faust

    I know this feeling but for me, I never had thick hair BUT the thin hair I
    DO have is falling out..
    I too started using hair extensions because I knew I wouldnt ever have the
    hair I wanted.
    I use sallys hair because its not heavy hair and I sew in more chips on the
    longer ones this way it takes some of the pulling off my regular hair.
    I honestly cannot afford to go to a salon to get anything done. I do this
    all myself.
    Have you tried other brands besides the sallys?
    I have tried really big expensive brands and found them to be too heavy,
    too thick, even tangling up and getting nappy fast (even though they claim
    to be real human hair). I find sallys never did that.
    I honestly want to go up to 20″. sallys doesnt have that in the brand I
    like (the red box one you mentioned).. they only have 14, 16 and 18.
    I wanted to try a brand called myfantasyhair but wondered if you ever tried

  5. Melanie Violet

    *I had s o m e t h inning on top which was exacerbated after my
    pregnancy. I was losing clumps of hair every time I even touched it and the
    thinning on the top and sides was starting to worry me. **I’ve been u s
    ing dermo biotin shampoo** for 3 months and my hair is starting to grow
    back in those thin areas!! I’m so pleased. I also find that I don’t lose as
    much when I wash or brush now..*

  6. twominutetips

    Female patterned baldness affects a large number of women and its rarely
    talked about. Lotions and potions are very costly and very, very little
    help is gleaned from them. A huge contributor to other forms of hair loss
    is stress. So a healthy emotional, physical and spiritual lifestyle will
    certainly help to keep this type of loss in abeyance. So what’s a gal to
    do? Just what you are doing with extensions and toppers and scrunchies. A
    retired professional I demonstrate and use ALL these tools to help “fill
    in” as it were, the loss. That said, there are plenty of bald women too
    that choose to continue embracing their femininity and womanhood – just as
    women who loose their breasts due to cancer do. A woman is not defined by
    her hair, she’s defined by her heart and soul.

    You present beautifully and like a true strong woman, you are inventive.

  7. you probably have androgenic alopecia aka female pattern baldness. It’s
    very common in women and it can start as early as age 18. Unfortunately it
    is permanent. 

  8. Kristin Jaccarino

    So I am such a makeup geek fan and think you are just super gorgeous and
    super talented. I couldn’t help but comment on this video when I saw what
    it was about. The symptoms you are describing made me immediately think of
    pcos. I suffer from it as well, and recently have been going through
    exactly what you are going through with your hair. Ugh I know it’s hard but
    you should definitely get checked for that! There is a blood test that can
    be done to check your hormone levels and you can get a sonogram of your
    ovaries to determine if it is. There are plenty of vitamins that can be
    taken to help with the hair loss and pcos symptoms. Good luck with

  9. Honii Buonsante

    Marlena!! I am a licensed hairdesigner here in Vegas for 15 yrs.. After
    undergoing a surgery like you have had and rapid weight loss it is so
    COMMON to have lots of hair loss.. Your body is in shock!! Try the vitamin
    called biotin.. It will help you keep your hair that’s still there and
    promote new hair growth.. You still look fabulous and keep up the great
    work!! Hope this comment helps;) 

  10. Rachel Kayhart

    Try the gyno. If you are having hormone issues it could be related to your
    “womanhood” I was having some hormonal issues a little while ago as well
    and my gyno and I figured it out. 

  11. stonehengesunset

    Hey, I just wanted to do a shout out to you for talking about it. I feel
    for you and understand what you’ve been going through – I used to have very
    very thick curly hair and then at the age of 23, I went on birth control
    and most of my hair fell out, and what remained is limp and straight and
    fine. Going off birth control didn’t help, it’s been 4 years and my hair
    did not come back, but keeps thinning slowly. None of the doctors I saw
    (and I saw probably a dozen various specialists from endocrine doctors to
    skin doctors) can help and just diagnose genetic hair loss, but I know not
    even the men in my family have been bald or thinning, so it doesn’t make
    sense! It’s been so hard, especially at the beginning, I used to have full
    on meltdowns in my bathroom almost every day, and I felt that I was not a
    woman anymore and that I was ugly and would never be seen as a woman again.
    So very brave of you to talk about it and I feel comforted that such a
    beautiful feminine woman has the same problem as me but doesn’t let it
    de-feminize her.

  12. Can you do an update on your hair? I’m curious to see if you’ve had

  13. Yadira Garay

    Hello I wanted to say its my first time watching your videos I was referred
    by my youngest sis n I must say thanx for all the makeup tips :). I just
    wanted to share a little about me. I’ve been through 7yrs of dialysis n 2
    kidney transplants….my body has gone through a bit of health issues 🙂
    but im thankful to God im alive n w/health. When I was 20 my hair started
    to fall out im 34 now n after making some changes I have had some
    improvement… to make a long story short I wanted to say I spoke with my
    doctor n I had a lot of stress at that time n also had some bad eating
    habits. I started taking a supplement: hair skin n nails I use mine from
    nutrilite my body absorbed it best. I’ve been using it for about 2yrs is
    just one tablet per day n my hair is a lot stronger n fuller plus I don’t
    have the bald spot behind my head anymore so it must work :). I also notice
    that some shampoos for some reason made my hair fall out more now I use
    panteen hair strengthening n the conditioner too. I do notice I have hair
    breakage in some areas but I also have a lot of baby hair. U cn also try to
    detox your body. I will keep you in my prayers n hope my experience was
    useful to you God bless you :)

  14. Mindy Nguyen


  15. Andie Kay

    I went rhrough the same thing. In my twenties and thirties my hair was
    thick and nice and then around 42 It started falling out like mad. One
    month ago I stopped using shampoo and went all natural. It stopped falling
    out recently. Once a week I use organic coconut oil as a mask and that’s
    it. Flax seed gel for curling.

  16. J Burdick

    My heart goes out to you, it really does. And, I am suffering from the
    same problem. I don’t even have the money for extensions!!! But the
    reason I’m writing, is to say that my hair loss, which has been a thinning
    all over, was caused from a prescription antidepressant, called Cymbalta.
    Evidently this is not one of the more common side effects for that drug,
    but it’s certainly not unheard of. I know because I’ve found numerous web
    sites now, where people have linked their hair loss to this particular
    drug. Just an FYI for anyone this might pertain to. 

  17. Sara Jane

    Check your thyroid. I had the same issues and after 11 years of my hair
    dropping out like crazy, I got my thyroid checked, found out I had thyroid
    imbalance, had it removed and now I am on Thyroxine. My hair is growing
    back now.

  18. Alan Nelody

    I love *SuperHairFood Shampoo* ! I have been using for few months. I
    noticed new hair growing in very soon after I started using. My hair has
    been thinning for approximately 20 years. This is the first product that
    has made a difference. 

  19. Andrew Daniel

    I had been suffering from hair loss and only recently I started to see a
    huge difference with my hair (lots of fine hair growing out especially at
    the temple area) after trying out the various natural techniques I found
    Argan Rain 

  20. jenny joseph

    Hi, I just came across your channel and I love how you were so honest about
    your hair loss experience. I have had hyperthyroidism for the past 8 years
    so I am on a high dosage of Levothyroxine. I lost a lot of hair at least
    100 or more strands a day. I get what you are going through. I am using
    Viviscal hair fibers and hair extensions for now. I don’t know what to do
    long term.

  21. Kjb Bell

    Im 21 and in the past 2 months my hair has started thinning for no reason,
    and comming out rapidly, im waiting on blood results to come back if they
    are normall the doctor said it something im going to have to learn to cope
    with mentally. i used to have thick long hair, i use cocanut oil, castor
    oils and my hair was lovely, i feel discusting now and cry everytime i have
    to comb my hair , is it possible you would post what your hair looks like
    without extentions?

  22. leah clail

    Im 15 and i now have bald patches because of my hair loss