Dealing with hair loss thanks to anxiety and melancholy?

Issue by Khan: Facing hair decline due to stress and melancholy?
I am a twenty yr aged guy who sometimes gets depressed and pressured because of to perform I am experiencing serious hair losses and whitening of hair, what need to I do. I want to develop my hair up already and I am exhausted of trying to keep them modest to non.

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Answer by Max
use clean coconut oil and therapeutic massage for a twenty min time and get a hot towel and rap ur hair for 10 min time and clean it away with a organic shampoo

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One thought on “Dealing with hair loss thanks to anxiety and melancholy?

  1. Heeeey there ! 🙂

    I had the same problem, but not stress from work, but other particular problems.
    My hair used to fall out so much, i thought it was the shampoo at first, but i had a worry that it could be stress aswell, so what i did was relaxed my hair by :
    ~ Massaging it while i shampoo/conditioner my hair. ( I don’ use conditioner everyday, wash hair 3 or 4 time’s a week)
    ~ Then i massage hair oil into my hair and scalp. ( I heard olive oil hair treatment is good or just cooking olive oil and castor oil too, i never tried these but i willing to)
    ~ After the hair oil, i dont brush my hair because it’s wet, so when it’s mid dry or dry i like to comb it.
    ~ What i like to do is massage my hair when im in bed, my hair feels relaxed 🙂

    If your hair is falling out really bad, maybe you should see your local doctor about it. Btw my hair falls out still, just not as lot as before.

    Good luck.

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