4 thoughts on “Describing Hair loss, Alopecia Areata and Male Pattern Baldness therapy, by Dr Rajesh Shah, MD

  1. I have been suffering frontal hair loss for two years, I bought argan life
    products. Although it’s not intended for frontal baldness. However, since I
    started using it, my hair loss got reduced like 80%, so this product is
    helping me to keep my hair where it belongs a bit longer. 

  2. Funny, cause I’ve cured my male pattern baldness. Don’t ask me how… I
    plan on getting rich. There is a cure.

  3. Before attempting any useless ointment, it is important to consider some
    all-natural cure for hair loss

  4. thanks DR.I am 33Y, my hair is very thin and density is low…. please
    suggest some treatment.

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