Did I examine this estimate properly?

Question by Natasha Marie: Did I assess this estimate correctly?
This is the estimate I am investigating:
“Nanny’s head and experience seemed like the standing roots of some aged tree that experienced been torn absent by storm. Foundations of historical power that no extended mattered. The cooling palma christi leaves that Janie had bound all around her grandma’s head with a white rag had wilted down and turn out to be portion and parcel of the lady. Her eyes did not bore and pierce they diffused and melted Janie, the room, and the world into one particular comprehension.”

And here is my analysis: Janie’s realization of her grandmother’s loss of energy more than her is enhanced making use of simile to assess Nanny to the roots of an aged tree wrecked by a vicious storm. Nanny, represented by the aged tree, recognized to be symbolic for wisdom and electrical power, has been enduring the “storm” which is her troubled existence. Finally, the storm has torn her aside, Janie’s kiss with Johnny Taylor getting the ultimate gust of wind to blow her more than the edge. Just like a broken tree, the formerly sensible lady has weakened, all of the when concealed frailties in her becoming turning out to be seen to Janie. Age is particularly addressed by the narrator as one particular of the mentioned frailties in a reference to “palma christi” leaves, which are known for their therapy of rheumatism, hair loss, and Parkinson’s, all signs of aging. By changing the phrases “bore” and “pierce”, which equally recommend judgment and authority, with “diffused” and “melted”, Hurston describes a deterioration of Nanny’s influence above her granddaughter. Janie, who has seemed at her grandmother as a managing figure her complete existence, has appear to comprehend that her grandmother no longer has say over her foreseeable future.

Have I summarized also much? I’d adore some guidelines if you have any. This is a big venture I am operating on.

Best response:

Response by Mar
The summary was very good although deceptive as you have pointed out Janies kiss with Johnny Taylor who was not talked about in the quote. This puts the reader in complete awe enabling one’s imagined to be on asunder. Be more distinct and relate views chronologically and your evaluation will be far more impeccable.

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