Did you experience hair reduction after supplying birth?

Question by On the Move!: Did you encounter hair loss soon after offering beginning?
I’ve read through on to a lot of internet sites of females getting rid of their hair after offering birth, did this happen to you? If you did not encounter hair loss what did you do? My hair has grown alot with my being pregnant and I would like to sustain the duration..any suggestions or is this inevitable?
My hair hasn’t gotten any thicker, just for a longer time.

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  1. You wont lose the lenght, it tends to happen to women whose hair got really thick during pregnancy they are the ones that tend to lose some hair after birth (although the hormone changes ususally cause all women to lose some).

    My hair is been growing like crazy but has not gotten any thicker so I am not too concerned about losing much after birth.

  2. a trio of babies for me

    Yes i did with my first pregnancy but not with my twin pregnancy…go figure…its all hormones i guess….with my twins, my PH balance became….well, unbalanced…i couldn’t find a deodorant that worked for more than 6 hours…it sucked but got better after few months….

  3. It’s inevitable. Your hair hasn’t actually grown more than normal. You just lose less while you’re pregnant. The average person sheds 100 hairs from their body every day. Pregnancy hormones prevent this from happening. After you give birth, your body plays catch up and makes up for all that time you didn’t lose hair.
    I was losing hand fulls of hair each morning in the shower for about a month. My Dr. said I could use Rogaine for women, but it’s best to just let nature run it’s course. Eventually it evens out, and starts growing back as your hormones and body regulate again.
    I have now stopped losing vast amounts of hair (my son is 10 months) and I can see more normal growth and loss of my hair.

  4. Brittaney

    You don’t lose your hair persay. What happens is that while you are pregnant your hair doesn’t fall out as it should and you have really thick hair as a result. Then after the baby is born your hair that didn’t fall out and was supposed to will fall out. Can’t be helped. Don’t freak though you aren’t going bald just your hair going back to normal.