Discoid lupus and Hair Reduction?

Query by genuine_purple: Discoid lupus and Hair Loss?
I have discoid lupus and I have seen these days far more than typical that my scalp is exceptionally dry and I am losing a excellent deal of hair. I have switched to baby shampoo and depart-in conditioner with sunscreen but it isnt supporting out way too a lot. Scalp is even now dry and still losing hair. I prepare on cutting my hair shorter to see if that helps. Any other tips from any person that suffers from discoid lupus with hair decline?
I have had this difficulty for a long time however and it is especially undesirable when i have lupus flares. thanks for the enter, it was actually an exciting response that i could share with someone else even though

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Response by Linda
no lupus, but you may have picked up a fungal infection, try antidandruff shampoo and see if that helps.

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  1. Discoid lupus does cause hair loss. Please talk with your rheumatologist and dermatologist about this issue. I know some who have cut their hair shorter. And I know some who, as their flare comes under control, have had hair grow back.
    Best wishes.