Discount store: “Alopecia Areata Pill (Alopec Herb Formula) (Ban Tu Wan)”

Alopecia Areata Pill (Alopec Herb Formula) (Ban Tu Wan)

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This formula contains a blend of herbs that is designed to support the body in re-growing hair. It does this by nourishing two of the organs that according to Chinese Medicine are responsible for healthy hair growth – the Liver and the Kidneys. As a result, it doesn’t just address the cosmetic problem – it actually helps the body heal itself in order to re-grow hair. Because this formula works at such a deep level, it takes some time for it to work – around 2-3 months. However, as it works, it improves the condition of your body at the root of the problem, and you might actually notice that other symptoms begin to diminish as well.

List Price: $ 12.48

Price: $ 12.48

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