Discount store: “FOLIGAIN for Hair Loss 120 Caplets”

FOLIGAIN for Hair Loss 120 Caplets

  • Foligain reaches the follicle through the blood stream
  • Foligain promotes the growth of thick, healthy-looking hair
  • Foligain provides thehair follicles with the proper nutrients in order to grow

Foligain Nutritional Supplement For Hair Loss: For men and women concerned about hair loss or thinning hair

Signs of male pattern baldness (Androgenetic Alopecia) usually begin when men are between the ages of twenty and forty-five. Male pattern baldness is hereditary and is caused by a male hormone called Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) being over produced in the body. When there is too much DHT in the scalp, it causes hair to fall out. The initial hair loss in male pattern baldness is almost always at the crown of the head, or near the temples.

The main thing to look for in a hair loss supplement is a DHT blocker. Blocking DHT from the scalp it the key to ending hair loss. The next thing you need is a product with the proper ingredients to

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  1. shawnise311

    @BeautyInTheHood1 im not sure if she replied but it sounds like the hair was ripped out by the follicles causing injury to scalp. because you couldnt care for it properly infection has set in. please see a dr. asap as to avoid permanent damage to the follicles. (permanent hair loss)

  2. BeautyInTheHood1

    Hey can you please reply to me, I got a sew in the beginning of August and the braids were super tight.I took it out and at the top of my head a patch of my hair came out.idk what it is but it became full with puss and it was bleeding I know its gross but what do you think it is?please help!

  3. What type of hair is this? [SN: You’re beautiful, your videos inspire me greatly.]

  4. MsNovember1976

    Heathly hair is caring for your type of natural hair….please go to the YouTube forums. So many sistahs went natural for this very reason. Please…I went happy 🙂 You can grow it long no weaves or wigs! All you, All naturale. Check out longhairdontcare2011, Shima, Haircrush and Kimeetube. PLEASSE learn how to care of afro texture hair.

  5. dsmith019

    I was watching how Ms Lola bonds her hair. I noticed that she does something really smart. She bonds it to her skin not her hair. This might in fact be the problem for you. You can’ t lose your hair if your bond is just before your hairline If you like to wear bangs that would really work, if you like to wear your hair back you may have to use foundation later, as the skin that is not exposed to the sun will be lighter once the bond is removed. Oh, the price we pay for beauty.

  6. KingKushTV

    try using emu oil or jojoba oil for your hair!! also try biotin shampoo, it helps 🙂

  7. JazzyJuJuBee82

    Hey Diva, I’m to the point that I don’t even want to use relaxer.I made a treatment using monistat avocado and honey treatments. Finally my hair line is growing back. It helps my clients and I so much. Check out my video on it. I will send it to you if you want , god bless!

  8. i’m glad i saw this page cuz i was gonna get into the lace front and wigs and what not .. but ithink i’ll just keep with flat ironing my hair ….. i never even heard of traction alopecia

  9. you are so gorgeous! Thank you I really love all your videos!

  10. OMG, thanks for sharing, as you were discribing your exerience I actually felt your pain and agony of that experience. I am experiencing hair loss due to medication for High Blood Pressure I know that it’s necessary to continue taking the meds but as long as I do, the hair loss will continue. You are such a beautifuly lady with an awesome personality. You inspire me to be at my best….God Bless you Lovely

  11. i have used ultra hold but didnt have problems, even though i didnt use it for years.. i think we need to let the bond soften a bit first then use all the remover..i know its been times i have been impatient… lol @ how many times u said BAALLDD!!! LOL

  12. PAULA4181

    YOUR REALLY FUNNY! BALD!! I LIKE THAT! thanks for the info!!

  13. iamtashafierce

    I have traction alopecia and the you might have to leave everything alone for a good year…I know it might be rough but you will thank yourself in the end…You don’t want to end up like me with no hope for any hair growing back because i didn’t know how to wear my hair natural. No wigs, no heat, no chemicals, and please no braids…I heard black castor oil has helped some women who catch it early enough. If you prolong it it will be unreversable.

  14. constance380

    why do you need to wear wigs what about your natural hair 😛

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