Discount store: “Vitabase Great Hair Supports Healthy Hair 30 Tablets Dietary Supplement (Pack of 2)”

Vitabase Great Hair Supports Healthy Hair 30 Tablets Dietary Supplement (Pack of 2)

  • Contains saw palmetto and a wide variety of other nutrients.
  • Contains necessary vitamins and minerals for improved scalp and hair health.
  • Provides nutrients that help prevent hair loss.
  • Amino acid cysteine improves quality, texture and growth of hair.

Vitabase Great Hair contains vitamins, minerals and herbs designed to support healthy hair growth. Among its many ingredients it contains saw palmetto, pygeum, green tea, grape seed, msm and a complete range of vitamins and nutrients. Great hair is an excellent product for men who are concerned about a receding hair line or for those who are concerned about the overall health of their hair.

List Price: $ 39.37

Price: $ 39.37

Question by curiousgirl: When suffering from alopecia – will dying your hair make for a greater hair loss?
I am 26 years old and have dyed my hair since I was 16. I recently was diagnosed with alopecia. Can i still dye my hair or will that make more hair fall out? I currently have roots that i wanted to touch up but am afraid I’ll lose more/all of my hair!

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Answer by Humza
the situation is varied from person to person.

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