Discounted “Lace Wig Human Hair Color Jet Black – Length 12 inches”

Lace Wig Human Hair Color Jet Black – Length 12 inches

  • 100% Remy Human Hair Lace Wig
  • Invisible French Lace cap – Looks as though each strand of hair is growing right from your scalp
  • Each strand of hair is doubled knotted and hand tied to reduce shedding
  • Natural hairline with baby hair around the perimeter
  • Freestyle Part gives you the ability to part your lace wig anywhere

If you’ve never heard of a lace wig, you’re not alone. In the past lace wigs were used mainly by actors and people who suffered from hair loss due to medical problems such as alopecia, or due to chemotherapy. But recently a lot of celebrities are wearing lace wigs for fashion making lace wigs more widely popular. A lace wig is unlike any other wig. They are so realistic that you can be sitting right next to someone and not know they are wearing a wig. A lace wig is built on a very sheer lace cap, and the key feature is that at the hairline, and when parted, a lace wig looks incredibly natural, as if the hair is growing right out of the scalp. The lace is adhered to your skin and disappears, you can even wear a lace with in a a high ponytail

List Price: $ 799.00

Price: $ 199.00

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