do hair decline shampoo’s make you skinny out faster? :S?

Question by webbster: do hair loss shampoo’s make you skinny out quicker? :S?
i usually hated my hair thinning out, so i have experimented with hair reduction shampoo’s but i always recognize my hair thins out more quickly then it does when i use typical shampoo, dont get me inappropriate im not going bald, its just a tiny little bit of entrance corner thinning, but its fairly irritating

i have attempted some anti-hairloss and anti-hairful BEWANG chinese shampoo which has all organic ingrediants, and it seems like i started out to observe hair looks like it thinned a lot more two days afterwards

is that normal? :S
i have attempted other also, its ussaully the ones that make hair grow more quickly that seem to be to be the worst 🙁

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Response by Seeyatiful
If you’re in HS and you’re experimenting hair reduction, be mindful of buying anything at all Created in China.
No it truly is NOT standard if it doesn’t run in your household.

A lot of reasons why it does that!
Are you using pills, supplement, medications?

Are you perming, straightening, dyeing it?

Are you consuming healthful foods? Planning on a diet? Stressing out or some thing?

You might be hair is crying out for help. You need to have to talk to a doctor so they could figure out what is wrong if It truly is NOT pointed out earlier mentioned.

DYK the hair market is a billion dollar business? Their job is to make guarantees, say anything so we could get get acquire and for them to market market promote so they can develop one more mansion in a secluded island somewhere and to buy Lamborghini for their assortment?

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  2. .L♥ve.Peace.Happiness™ :)

    try hair oil; it really works! put it on at nite before bed and wake up and shampoo it off. usually coconut hair oil works the best but try others to suit ur hair

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