do hair loss nutritional vitamins actually operate?

Question by Frex: do hair reduction nutritional vitamins really operate?

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honestly no.. it really relies upon. The finest thing is to question ur medical professional about it. bc it mostly has to do with carotene in ur body

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  1. Hair loss can be thyroid-generated. It can also be caused by stress or the environment.
    What you need is a product(s) that helps to lessen the hormone DHT in your body. The herb Saw Palmetto has shown some ability to assist in inhibiting DHT in the body.
    Other than this, I would suggest that you check into programs and techniques that are out there for helping stop hair loss:

    Natural hair products
    Filtered water
    Minoxidil 5% for men; 2% for women
    Boar-bristle brushes are very gentle on the hair shaft and help spread natural oils on your scalp (which means you shampoo more often).
    Ionic Hair Dryers / Brushes (can’t confirm if they work)
    Laser Comb (very expensive, and run up to $ 600, although now they have knock-off discounted laser combs that may not work as effectively). The brand I use is Lexington HairMax.
    Hair Transplant (the most expensive treatment out there that works)

    Good luck to you. Plenty of resources out there now!
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  2. I have been losing my hair for a few years now. I can attest that hair loss vitamins really do work. It really depends on your DNA and other factors such as stress and your diet. However, if all else is equal you can use hair loss vitamins to stop hair loss and even re-grow hair.

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