do i have Alopecia areata?

Issue by tru_blu: do i have Alopecia areata?
im 22 and have usually experienced thin hair but alot of it, more than the past month i have discovered that i have a little patch of really skinny white hair growing in, even the roots are white. the location is about the dimension of a dime and its quite obvious against my dim brown hair, also simply because the hair increasing in is so skinny and white it appears like i have a bald spot. if the hair grows in entirely and stays white that wouldnt trouble me a lot but if it commences falling out i do believe i would be frightened of it reoccurring throughout my scalp and potentially other places like my eye lashes or eye brows. could it be Alopecia areata or anything else? also if i ended up to dye my hair would the white hair hold the shade?

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Answer by abossi
No it is a sort of vetiligo of hair pulp .And it can be coloured if you set a dye on your hair

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