Do I have Alopecia or just a undesirable haircut?

Issue by Converse Dude: Do I have Alopecia or just a poor haircut?
A single working day I went to get my haircut, and my barber was talking to mom whilst he was reducing my hair (Im pondering my mom was distracting him from my head). Right after my haircut, I seen that I had a triangular formed bald place in the entrance of my head, and there is a little sum of hair lacking from the top of my head (not to visible). It does not tingle or anything at all and it took place appropriate soon after my haircut. And I never consider its developing back. Is it Alopecia?

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Reply by Steve
It sounds like the barber was distracted and lower the hair in a number of areas way too short, but, it is difficult to understand the problems from your description and also without understanding the the design of haircut and how long it has been because the haircut. If he gave you a flat leading crew minimize, it can undoubtedly be virtually bald on portion of the top of the head, the region referred to as the landing strip.

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