do i have permenant hair reduction problem?

Concern by Ahmad: do i have permenant hair reduction dilemma?
I am an eighteen years aged boy.i have quite gorgeous brown hairs.i have five uncles that 4 of them are nearly bald.but my father doesnt have any hair reduction problem though he is 45 years previous now.i have also an more mature brother that has the hair reduction dilemma.
three days in the past i went to lavatory and i touched my hair with my soaked fingers and i noticed some hairs in my palms.that day i took a shower and when washing my hairs with shampoo i saw all together ten-fifteen hairs in my hand.i searched in the web and i located out that in slide time for some motives the hair slipping will increase.what do you men it genetic difficulty or a temporary difficulty.and how can i know i genuinely have hair reduction.i imply is there any check to do.many thanks.

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Response by Bob
During this time of yr hair reduction is enhanced do to the simple fact it’s dry out. Which can weaken the hair and make it brittle. You will most very likely get rid of your hair at some stage, like we all do, but It just isn’t going to be now, in my viewpoint. I do have buddies although that are 22-twenty five and are entirely bald, due to hair loss.

To prevent hair decline you can do a few items:

-Towel dry your hair
-Use heat h2o to wash your hair, as an alternative of hot
-Use conditioner
-Get shampoo that supports your sort of hair. If you have dry hair get shampoo for dry hair, for oily hair get some for oily hair ect ect
-If you discover lots of thinning, use Rogain, it really functions, but you want to use it AS you are dropping the hair.

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  1. All of Bob’s advice is solid. Hair naturally sheds at a rate of 50-150 follicles a day, and sometimes more than that during season changes (like Fall). Men can begin losing your hair as young as age 15, but it’s considerably less common than hair loss in the late-twenties, thirties, and forties. This article outlines the best ways to predict whether you’ll lose your hair from androgenic alopecia (male pattern baldness):

    When did your brother begin to notice his hair loss? Researchers have found that men can lose up to 50% of hair follicle function before realizing that they have an issue. Rogaine and Propecia can both halt hair loss and possibly even re-grow some hair, but catching it early is key.

    You’re probably just over-thinking it, but if you notice the hair fall continue into this month, schedule an appointment with a doctor. He/she can perform a special tug tests on your hair to determine if your scalp is letting go of more hair follicles than usual and begin to diagnose your issue. Even if you are losing some hair, don’t freak out. There are tons of reasons for hair loss, the majority of which are not permanent.

    I hope you’re in the clear, but if not, has a wealth of articles on prevention and treatment of all types of hair loss.

    Good luck!

    Dean Anderson
    Hair Loss Specialists