Do I have sufficient expertise?

Query by Just Be: Do I have enough expertise?
I am severely thinking about cosmetology university in January 2011. I would like to specialize in folks who endure from hair loss. Guys, ladies and youngsters. I endure from hair loss and it has been devastating. Not just the hair decline, but the treatment for it and the way some salons consider to rip you off. I am a skilled female and am forty eight. I know that my age should not be a element, but I am worried that I don’t have sufficient talent. It looks like most beauticians can seem at you and notify what lower or style would appear good on you. I you should not have that expertise. Is that some thing that I will learn?

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Answer by Leah Csesznyak
I think you can learn any expertise as extended as you consider.Also it would be nicer to have an individual who really cares about others who suffer with hair loss. Go for it!

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