Do I have the bald gene? I have telogen effluvium and gentle alopecia areata?

Question by Troll: Do I have the bald gene? I have telogen effluvium and delicate alopecia areata?
My trichologist told me I have telogen effluvium and mild alopecia areata in the again and appropriate side of my upper head.

I am seventeen and a male. I have been losing Masses of hair every single day, and it is not balding in the male pattern baldness way at all.

I know to go bald maybe later on on in life your hair requirements to be sensitive to dht, does this imply my hair is delicate to dht?

I study that telogen effluvium and alopecia areata has nothing to do with dht influencing the hair, it truly is more the nerve as I was very pressured out, needed to kill myself, didn’t go out, ate junk meals for numerous months.

Any help? Do I have the balding gene?

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Solution by Vincent G
Alopecia areata is primarily an automobile-immune disease. Even though sensitivity to it is most likely genetic, the genuine cause is not acknowledged (and quite little research is accomplished in that area). If you are blessed, it could expand again.
If you are not, it may possibly change into alopecia universalis, which is real bothersome: not possessing eyebrows, eyelashes or hair in nostrils can make you quite delicate to dust and smoke.
That has been my great deal for the last 26 many years, so I know.

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