Do I have the bald gene? I have telogen effluvium and moderate alopecia areata?

Query by Troll: Do I have the bald gene? I have telogen effluvium and gentle alopecia areata?
My trichologist told me I have telogen effluvium and delicate alopecia areata in the back again and proper aspect of my upper head.

I am 17 and a male. I have been shedding Masses of hair each working day, and it is not balding in the male sample baldness way at all.

I know to go bald perhaps afterwards on in existence your hair requirements to be sensitive to dht, does this imply my hair is delicate to dht?

I read through that telogen effluvium and alopecia areata has absolutely nothing to do with dht affecting the hair, it really is far more the nerve as I was very stressed out, wished to kill myself, did not go out, ate junk food for a lot of months.

Any aid? Do I have the balding gene?

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Solution by Alex B
I dont consider so, even if you did have it, 17 would be also youthful. try to physical exercise consume fruit and veg, also bacon is a hair superfood but too considerably can make you acquire fat, devote time in the solar, drink lots of drinking water and consider to clean/comb your hair as little as attainable. You can also buy some reputable hair decline products they are mainly aimed a women but at these kinds of a young age you should consider it.
I hope this assists all the best.

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