Do i have to expand my hair out to regrow edges?

Query by Josh: Do i have to increase my hair out to regrow edges?
I reduce my hair following 2 many years of getting cornrows and saw that my edges and hairline was ruined owing to traction alopecia( i use to wear limited cornrows alot). Following a minor investigation i noticed that making use of JBCO( jamaican black castor oil) on the hairline and edges would develop them again. I just want to know if it’s necessary to develop your hair out although attempting to regrow your edges and get the thickness again or is it ok to go to the barber to reduce my hair even though making an attempt to regrow?

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Reply by Steve
Skeptical regardless of whether the product named will have any impact on foreseeable future hair progress. Chopping or shaving the hair has no influence on future hair development.
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