Do Nioxin hair items genuinely aid stop hair decline?

Issue by Lori: Do Nioxin hair merchandise actually support cease hair loss?
People have recomended I use Nioxin hair items due to the fact my hair is falling out. Do the merchandise actually function? I am fifteen years old.

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Answer by yelenasari
yep. I’m making use of Nioxin products ( shampoo,conditioner and remedy) along with some Nioxin multivatamins and it actually assisted a lot.. In simple fact my hair even grows more quickly.

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2 thoughts on “Do Nioxin hair items genuinely aid stop hair decline?

  1. Age has no bearing on when you start having hair loss. It can be anything from genes to stress.

    My sister who is a former hairdresser recommeneded that to me and it did the job. It didn’t make my hair grow faster or thicker like the one poster mentioned. However I found that it also dried out my hair terribly.

    Get a small bottle from the salon and try it at home. If you like it, get a bigger size when you run out. If you don’t, then you’re only out $ 8 or so.

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