do slight circumstances of alopecia areata resolve/deal with alone or will i want to see a professional?

Concern by nelson shin: do minor situations of alopecia areata solve/treat alone or will i need to have to see a specialist?
i imagine i have alopecia areata (spot balding) on the aspect of my head. it appears to be a minor case of it (in comparison to what i’ve noticed on the internet), due to the fact it’s just the one particular round bald place (measurement of a nickel) on the side of my head. so b4 i invest 100’s on consultation fees, lab/check expenses, and medicine expenses, is there a opportunity that w/ time the hair will develop back on its very own? and if so, what is about the typical time it normally takes for the hair to begin growing again?

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Reply by Grace
My partner experienced alopecia in his 20’s and it grew back on its very own but it took about nine months……………..

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