Do some lice treatment shampoos trigger hair reduction?

Query by TheNextYoYoMa: Do some lice treatment shampoos lead to hair loss?
I experienced lice just before and immediately after using the Lice Shampoo, my hair would seem to be coming out a tiny far more. But not a great deal, just a few a lot more hairs then usual when I brush my hair. But other then making use of the shampoo, I have no other signs of itchiness. Does the hair loss quit shortly?

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Solution by Casandra. (<3)
i had the exact same difficulty and it was two years in the past.. but It still appears like its not stopping.. but It doesnt hassle me.. So idk..

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  1. showcat2007

    yea…my little sisters friend had lice nd the shampoo made alot of hair fall out she looks like a cancer patient

  2. laterales

    Steer clear from the chemical shampoos, hair loss is a minor side effect compared to some of the others that can occur. No chemical head lice treatment is legally allowed to be labeled as ‘safe’ as every insecticide is a poison. Every pesticide preparation has the potential to do serious damage depending on the individual.

    The ONLY safe way to get rid of head lice permanently is to use a totally natural alternative to the chemical preparations then use prevention methods such as hairspray and tea tree oil mixed with water in a spray bottle every day to ensure they never return.

    Remedies containing Neem Oil are known to be highly effective as Neem interrupts the growth and reproduction of the head louse. Neem’s insecticidal properties are widely recognized now and the oil is commonly available at your local health food store.

    Feel free to check out the articles at the following site for more advice.

    Good luck.

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