Do u know some options for Neutriderm anti hairloss lotion?

Query by questioning wonder: Do u know some alternatives for Neutriderm anti hairloss lotion?
do u know anything like the generic of this drug i would like it could be obtainable right here in the philippines or better nevertheless do u know some all-natural solutions for androgenic alopecia I am 20 several years outdated douleur and i have that =(.. i wis u could help thanks..

by the way i have consulted presently with a medical doctor and gave me that analysis.. thanks

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Response by francheska12
There are no all-natural remedies for androgenic alopecia. The term androgenic itself suggests that is genetic/ hereditary.The problem is progressive. Aside from Neutriderm anti-hair loss lotion you may try topical minoxidil or oral finasteride to slow down the method or regrow some of your hair. You didn’t eliminate your hair really, they just turned vellus (little one hair). You could ask your dermatologist for the correct medication for you.


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