Do vitamins and calcium operate for hairless spots?

Issue by sharaont: Do nutritional vitamins and calcium work for hairless places?
I just turned sixteen and I have been getting this “bald” spot on the upper back again of my head for two a long time now. I’ve experimented with employing scalp oil but it did not actually work excellent for me. I’m trying to get natural vitamins & calcium (Centrum). I have no concept what’s likely on. It truly is almost certainly tension but I’m usually a stressed out person. There is certainly just a bunch of factors that make me stressed out for. I don’t know what I should do. I’ve tried out inquiring my medical doctor and she recommended me the scalp oil.

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Answer by Brielle
attempt conversing to a medical professional about hair supplements! it may well lead to you hair to expand quickly as nicely so be cautious!

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