Do you at any time encounter hair reduction because of to anxiety?

Query by use this: Do you ever confront hair reduction because of to tension?
Im 23 and have no wellness dilemma. I have hair loss difficulty rising specifically on my test weeks.the los is not noticeable, but i can plainly see that i have less hair than i had a few of many years in the past. i had this problem just before, but obtained more than it with 1 thirty day period of natural treatment. but prior to this calendar year at school, ive by no means been this stressed and underneath pressure. im applying my organic remedy once again, but cant see a considerable distinction. is stress really this successful on hair reduction? must i anyway keep on undertaking my remedy?
Thank you!

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Response by Matt
My mum does lol

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  1. I dont know about the cure, but hair loss is a well known symptom of stress. 🙁

  2. Yes I do, am almost always stressed, but good thing is that my hair is thick. Maybe see your doctor to rule out any underlying condition(s). Good luck!

  3. ya friend. i surelly tell hair will be loss because of stress. not only mental stress physical stress also cause hair fall.
    heredity is also a reason for hair loss.
    take proper care and if needed, even consult the dermatologist for further help.

  4. Stress can cause hair loss but maybe you make an appointment to see you GP anyway just to rule out other things.