Do you believe there is a correlation in between postpartum hair decline and fat reduction?

Concern by Momma Mia!: Do you believe there is a correlation amongst postpartum hair loss and fat reduction?
I experienced a infant four.5 months in the past and am completely breastfeeding. Just lately my hair began to fall out massive time and my fat has also been coming off much more simply. I comprehend that the hair decline is regular, but I am questioning if there is a correlation between the two. Probably the hair decline indicators that the being pregnant hormones are out of our program which in switch lets our bodies know that we don’t require the fat anymore. What do you feel?

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Answer by Henna R
Yay! I’m so glad I can help you with this question! I have a 6 month aged and I was constantly dropping my hair in the shower. I was dropping my head over it so I named my ob… he advised me that when you are pregnant, your physique grows a lot more hair and hair follicles to put together for the infant. (one particular of several changes your human body goes via, as you know) lol… so the hair that you are losing actually isn’t really your “hair” as it is what grew in for the duration of those nine months. Don’t forget that you have been pumping TONS of iron and nutritional vitamins into your entire body, which encourages expansion, not only of the child, but of hair and other things in your very own entire body. Also, hold in thoughts that if you are dropping the weight, but even now using in a proper sum of nutrients and energy, you really should be great, speak to your ob about it, I hope that he or she can aid you… but I wished to notify you that I discovered this fantastic website that aided me via my publish pregnancy “problems” and it helped me to gain my self confidence back by way of weight reduction and nutrition after I had my baby. I advocate it to every person. It served me get into shape and the woman who made it is so helpful and sort… she aided me with a whole lot of inquiries that I was possessing and with a whole lot of “concerns” that I was having simply because I could not shed my little one excess weight. It is definitely extraordinary and it will help to know that there is a lady out there who can aid with a Real story and not just listening to these “fads” of excess weight reduction. I hope this will help you, as we all want to search fantastic and feel fantastic following ingesting every thing and currently being so huge for nine months! The site is:

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  1. The hair loss is because the hormones from pregnancy. The weight is probably coming off because you’re breastfeeding. I’ve heard wonders of breastfeeding and weightloss. Maybe your theory is right. Never heard of it before but it could be. Congratulations by the way!

  2. desert mama

    Just to be on the safe side, you might have your thyroid checked. Hair loss and weight issues are common symptoms of thyroid disorders. And many women develop thyroid issues shortly after having a baby.

    I am sure you’re fine, but I would still get it checked out.

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