Do you feel that rogaine for females is the greatest solution for loosing hair as a medication?

Query by Religion: Do you believe that rogaine for ladies is the greatest resolution for loosing hair as a medication?
and if it is what rogaine for girls side consequences ?
my pals suggested me to use it.
Thanks for your assist and worry .

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Reply by chrisbelgium2
I will not believe there are aspect outcomes.

What do you consider? Answer under!

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  1. YearoftheRat

    Rogaine is your best bet *if* you’re experiencing hereditary, age/hormone-related hair loss. But hormone replacement therapy may help.

    1. If you’ve recently had a baby, you could have telogen effluvium. Good news! It cures itself!
    2. You might have a thyroid condition, so getting that taken care off should also stop your hair loss.
    3. The cause might be an autoimmune problem, like what runs in my family.
    4. It could be the result of certain medications, like some antidepressents or treatments for Cickle Cell Anemia.
    5. You could be anemic.
    6. You might not be getting enough Vitamin B12, protein, or Omega 3 fatty acids.
    7. Your growth cycle might be inhibited by a stressful event as long as 3-4 months ago.

    Oh yeah. The FDA approved use of a laser light therapy that regrows hair. Check it out!

    P.S. Don’t despair. A lot of the time, female hair loss is treatable. And 80% of women will experience it at some point in their lives, many before they turn 40.

    A.P.S. Stay away from Sodium Lauryl Sulfate/Sodium Laureth Sulfate, which is found in most shampoos. Stuff is nasty and there’s evidence it causes or aggravates hair loss.