Do you have any knowledge with corticosteroids?(for therapy of Alopecia)?

Problem by Wendy: Do you have any experience with corticosteroids?(for treatment method of Alopecia)?
The medical doctor perscribed corticosteroids for my alopecia areata. I go through that the aspect consequences can be too much hair expansion and a couple of other issues. Do you have any encounter with this or know yet another way to treatment alopecia?

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Solution by techman
personally I would NOT use steroids. They have profound effects in the human body and although they are an simple prescribe for a physician there are many undesirable aspect effects that may occur. Extended phrase is by no means recommended.
Diet plan and decreasing entire body tension can have a huge influence in fixing this dilemma.Minimize the intake of food items that support in irritation these kinds of as saturated fats and dairy items.Consume far more veggies, whole grains, essential fatty acids, and white meat protein.Also option protein like eggs.Trace minerals such as those current in blue green algae help in the regrowth of hair.
By the way Coca cola and soda beverages along with caffeine drinks must be entirely stopped for very good results
Hair is epidermis. The human gut repsonds genuinely well to the standard prolonged term use of blue inexperienced algae to modify the gut and detox the kidneys and liver of damaging poisons.Begin of at 1/two teaspoon everyday for a week and progressively construct to a teaspoonful in liquid right after two weeks and maintain it up. There may be unfastened bowel motions at very first as the gut is cleansed.

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