Do you have to use Nioxin repeatedly after you began?

Question by vetalklas: Do you have to use Nioxin continuously as soon as you started?
Do you have to use Nioxin repeatedly after you started? It truly is product for preventing hair decline. Do you have to use it eternally as soon as you began.Or you can use it for a although and have everlasting outcomes? If so for how extended?

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Solution by jennrabbitt
Nioxin—i’m not actual positive it in fact can do what it suggests…(BTW i am a hairdresser with a balding spouse who tried it and it nonetheless, properly, balding!!) Nothing at all is permanant in hair, even a permanant grows out!!! i imagine minoxidyl (SP) is the only merchandise confirmed to expand back again hair and some of my clients have attempted it and it worked…you must maintain on if you want the results or else when you stop, you may possibly stop up with thinner hair, not because of the minoxidyl, but since with time, you would have been thinner in any case!!!

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