Do you know anyone with alopecia that has acquired married?

Issue by Joe: Do you know anybody with alopecia that has got married?
Anyone right here know anyone who has alopecia that received married or has a very good girlfriend/boyfriend. Alopecia is some thing I’ve experienced considering that 4 a long time previous and even though some folks will not even know it truly is something I can be insecure about. For people that will not know what it is, it truly is hair loss. I am just curious if any individual understands anybody with this and how they hold up with it? Do they have a girlfriend? Are they married? Do they have children?

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Solution by レ乇ムŦ
I am one hundred and one% sure men and women with alopecia have gotten married with loving spouses and lovable children.
Hair conditions really should in no way get in the way of enjoy.

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