Do you think Ojon must alert of the hair-decline possibility of their products?

Query by : Do you believe Ojon must warn of the hair-loss likelihood of their products?
I bought some Ojon restorative therapy as well as some shampoo and conditioner, day-to-day therapy spray and glow serum about three 1/two many years back and utilized only the Ojon goods. I Liked how conditioned and in handle my hair was, it was the Finest things I experienced Ever used on my hair!!!!! Immediately after a number of months I commenced to recognize I was loosing a Whole lot of hair… I failed to set the two together… I obtained my Mum to use it when we had been browsing the US. Whilst there my little brother manufactured a comment about my hair-loss and how bald I was planning… I was CRUSHED!!!!! I hadn’t imagined it was as negative as it was!!!! I nonetheless did not associate the Ojon with the hair-reduction… Then, about 3 months ago as a deal with for a favour my sister-in-legislation did for us, I purchased her a pair of Ojon goods… About a thirty day period later she requested me if I experienced observed after making use of the Ojon that a whole lot of hair fell out… I laughed, but stored contemplating about it and that night I realized that my hair-decline started out when I began using Ojon goods!!!!! Not only that, but I experienced remembered that my Mum experienced lost a lot when she had utilized the restorative although we have been sitting down there conversing… I had to agree with my SIL, Ojon was creating me bald!!!!!!!!! I have found other ladies on-line who utilized the items and the same thing took place to them…

So for the problem (sorry this was so prolonged!!!), Do not you assume Ojon must state that their goods could cause hair-reduction?

I have a total bunch of Ojon things still left far too but I am leery about offering it to any individual else!!!! That stinks cuz its costly things!!!!

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yes, they should. did u get in touch with the company to inquire why ?

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