Does alopecia in Poms reverse following 6 a long time with no therapies?

Issue by Redfern: Does alopecia in Poms reverse following six a long time with no treatment options?
My feminine (spayed) Pom had a stunning coat when I acquired her from a breeder, but at about age 1 one/2 a long time, she began to get rid of coat 1st on back of legs, sides, then chest, back and tail. Pores and skin turned black and leathery, apart from on chest, where skin remained white. Exams for Cushings and Thyroid were unfavorable. Now she is age nine and expanding hair. Only adjust is that I am now feeding her Royal Canin Shh Tsu meals. Wonderful!

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Solution by wickedwit
Your canine is most probably an allergic and you have eventually found a food that doesn’t exacerbate her allergies. Like individuals, pet dogs can build and drop allergic reactions during their lives. Issues in their quick atmosphere, this sort of as meals, carpet, plastics, and parasites can all cause allergic reactions, but occasionally the animal will develop them more than time or drop them fully as they age. In any occasion, if she is not encountering any troubles with her coat now, keep things as they are until finally you discover a modify.

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