Does any hair loss treatment method operate?

Concern by Vivian Wallace: Does any hair loss therapy function?
I am 22, and my hair is very thin. Did any individual use a thinning hair/ Hair decline therapy that labored?

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Reply by Kristin Allgood
The commonest cause of thinning hair is hormonal, and whether you suffer from woman sample baldness which is hereditary or not, the major perpetrator is a hormone referred to as DHT and any high quality hair loss therapy for girls need to be ready to block it.

DHT is a by-product of testosterone which ladies have as nicely as males, and it attaches alone to the follicles, triggering it to progressively get more compact until finally the hair falls out, and no new growth can take place.

This is especially common soon after the menopause as estrogen levels which successfully preserve the DHT in verify drop rapidly, major to an extra of DHT.
Minoxidil two% is the only topical medication accepted by the U.S. Foods and Drug Administration (Fda) for woman-sample hair reduction.While Minoxidil does not expand new hair, it performs by blocking the DHT and prolonging the growth section of hair – offering far more time for hair to expand out to its complete density and returning your entire head of hair.

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