Does any individual know of any hair merchandise for hair decline?

Problem by chellemd83: Does anyone know of any hair merchandise for hair decline?
I’m a latino female and when I clean my hair it comes out. Does any person know of any hair items to treat this. I have long restricted curly hair, and I want some thing for my kind of hair. Please aid!!!!!!!!!!!

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Response by socalgal
Nioxin shampoo and conditioner

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  1. Sugarbaby

    ok there is a couple of things, first of all there is no products to help hair loss but their are preventive things to do so there is always healthy regrowth
    dont smoke
    eat protein
    dont wash your hair excessively
    enjoy your curls dont straighten
    i believe it or not have beautiful curls and use simple vaseline
    to keep it shiny and healthy
    if you had a child recently or this is really abnormal loss *rule of thumb is 100 hairs per day loss than you can also see a doctor. but there are no tricks to good hair you got to take care of yourself period

  2. My hair was falling out last June, and I was desperately searching for a cure. I learned that hair loss can be attributed to a stressful event that happened 3-4 months prior to the hair loss. In my case it was a stressful change at work and also the start of a new diet (which your body sees as stress).

    I learned that Biotin 5,000 mg a day would do the trick. The same problem happened to many people who also started a low carb diet, and this is what worked for them. (I’m on a low carb message board).

    Within one month, my hair completely stopped falling out, and now it’s thicker, stronger, and longer than it’s ever been before!

    I buy my Biotin from Walmart, 120 tabs for about $ 7.50.(Rexall Brand). Hope this helps!! 🙂

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