Does ANY insurance coverage organization protect laser hair removal?

Question by Overlook_In_Love: Does ANY insurance company cover laser hair removing?
I’ve been struggling from PCOS for several several years, and the only “remedy” i have ever gotten was becoming set on birth management. Even with what the physician said it was supposed to do, the drugs had been virtually useless. I have a extremely intense case of PCOS and almost my total human body is covered with thick, darkish hair. Not too long ago, it is been influencing me a whole lot a lot more than usual. So, my question is, is there ANY insurance policies organization that covers laser hair removal under any Certain circumstances? If the answer is no, what is the standard price to get the laser hair elimination treatment options?

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I have PCOS as well and did go by means of laser hair elimination treatments to consider to get rid of the dim, thick hair on my confront.

I can’t response the initial element of your concern due to the fact I only know the knowledge I experienced with my insurance policy business…no, they did not settle for my promises (Blue Cross).

Each and every treatment workplace will be diverse, but I was told that I would require 8 therapies total (and probably a couple of follow-ups). I was charged about $ 250-three hundred/treatment. They lasted amongst fifteen-30 minutes each and every.

My recommendation to you is to genuinely analysis the place you are considering about making use of. It is greatest if they are specializing in laser hair elimination and not just carrying out it as a side business. You can contact close to and ask them to give you an idea of their pricing. Most areas will give you pricing based mostly on a particular quantity of treatment options.

I understand the desire to get rid of the excess hair, and I do not want to discourage you, but the laser treatments did not stop up operating for me at all. I have truthful skin and dark hair…the perfect candidate, but it just didn’t work. That is one thing else to take into account. Can you manage to do it and have it not operate? Probably you need to discover a few other options…

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