does any person have a remedy for alopecia(hair reduction)?

Question by Sarah T: does any person have a cure for alopecia(hair decline)?
i have suffered from alopecia areata on and off for 4 several years. It has been fairly excellent for the previous 12 months and it is now starting to fall out yet again. I dont consider i can cope once more if i get rid of a great deal of hair yet again as it has taken ages to get my hair to a good fashion. You should Support!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Alopecia Areata
The result in of alopecia areata is unfamiliar, but it is imagined to be an autoimmune condition (the body helps make antibodies to its own hair) that might impact young children or grown ups of any age. The impacted folks are usually in outstanding health. This type of hair loss usually triggers absolutely sleek, spherical patches about the dimension of a coin or more substantial. Though unusual, it can outcome in full loss of scalp and entire body hair. In most cases the hair regrows however, dermatologists handle several folks with this problem in buy to make hair regrow faster.

Therapy includes:

-cortisone injections in the scalp where the hair decline transpired
-topical prescription drugs
-a particular kind of light remedy

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