Does any person have details about the hair reduction therapy medication named Provillus?

Question by sotoparracj: Does anybody have data about the hair reduction treatment medication known as Provillus?
A small about my family hair loss history. My grandfather is bald. But my fathers facet of the household have some or small hair loss. I am starting to bald, but by the looks of it, it appears like i’m inheriting my fathers side of the family members hair loss. I’m questioning if this is the correct drug for me.

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Solution by James K
Provillus has been created as a normal remedy for people whose bodies have a lack of vitamins and nutritional vitamins which are important for hair growth.

It is a two-portion remedy which employs a “topical answer” to avoid any additional hair reduction and “nutrient tablets” to support your physique commence regrowing your hair alone.

Provillus wasn’t developed to support genetic baldness but it is quite effective in the most common kind of hair decline – exactly where your physique will not have the proper nutrients to maintain hair growing healthily.

As far as I know – it is not possible to know for positive what sort of hair loss you have (genetic or otherwise) so if I ended up you, I would just get some type of normal remedy and try it out for a few months Before the condition gets much even worse.

If it don’t function, then you know you’re almost certainly dealing with genes 🙂

You can see what other clients though of Provillus with this report about it:

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