Does anybody have itchy scalp accompanied with hair decline?

Query by PNP: Does anybody have itchy scalp accompanied with hair loss?
I am a youthful man in his mid-20’s. About 1 calendar year ago, I began to knowledge quite itchy scalp following sweating (specifically after physical exercise) or taking in spicy food accompanied with frontal hair reduction. So considerably no doctor knows just why and they all notify me that it’s just early male sample hair reduction. It could be true but considering you will find no background of hair decline on both aspect of my household, I am thinking there might be one thing else to it.

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Answer by Miss out on Brightside
I would go to the medical doctor and question for a referral to a dermatologist as it could have to do with the skin much more than something male sample baldness should not make your scalp itch or everything like that so skin doctor!

Good luck hope they uncover out what is going on with you and you get your hair again and if not do not stress chicks dig bald dudes! = )

i chucked a link in the resource that lists many causes for itchy scalp and hair reduction

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