does anyone have any Alopecia Areata (in the beard location) success tales?? you should discuss them )?

Question by D Man: does anybody have any Alopecia Areata (in the beard area) success stories?? please share them ;)?
i have had alopecia areata in the beard area for about a year now, and have been going to the dermatologist and taking cortisone injections in the affected areas where there is patches of no hair at all, or peach fuzz hair, and i just want to know has anybody ever taken cortisone injections for alopecia and how affective are they?? thanks

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Answer by wizard
My bro had alopecia areata on his head some time back. I know how disturbing it can be after seeing him going through it.

He managed to find a website called that explains about the condition and suggests treatment. He gave it a try and to all our surprise he recovered.

You might want to give it a try. Its quite informative too. Wish you a quick recovery.

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