does anyone know a good hair and pores and skin vitamin?

Query by GoGo: does anybody know a very good hair and pores and skin vitamin?
i have slim,brittle and boring long hair.i was hunting for a vitamin that would aid it grow healthy and shinny but without escalating hair development all over the physique.i will not suffer from hair reduction but i just want my hair to appear healthful esp that i know i will not consume effectively.i was searching on the web and i found a solution referred to as shen guys,has anybody experimented with it?also Natrol Pores and skin-Hair-Nails with MSM, Capsules?balanced glo? hair formula37?hope u’d help,thanx.

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Answer by Amanda c
take pre-natil nutritional vitamins, they are vitamins you get wile pregnant. They will not do something odd like make you unwanted fat or something, but they will make your hair and nails soo good. My hair grew inches whilst i was expecting from using individuals.

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  1. Pre-natal vitamins are great for hair (and your whole body), you can buy them over the counter, and no, you don’t have to be pregnant to take them.

  2. sincerely sarah

    wal mart, cvs, stores like that sell a vitamin called “skin, hair, and nails” its amazing.end of story.

  3. Natalie H

    the best way to get healthy looking hair and skin is to eat heatly and drink lots of water, it really makes your body clean and refreshed


  4. Go to any drugstore (Target, Wal-mart, etc) and pick up a bottle of Vitamin A. Vitamin A is great for the skin and the hair 🙂 The vitamin bottle isle usually has a booklet explaining what each vitamin does, you can use that to see what other vitamins may help with what you’re looking for.

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