Does anyone know any cures for hair decline?

Issue by Blue: Does any person know any remedies for hair loss?
I endure from heriditary hair decline. I had been employing rogaine which was in fact likely properly but now I am pregnant and can no more time use it. My new hair is virtually all long gone and I am getting quite anxious. Does anybody know any kind of natural or natural remedies I can use till following my pregnancy?

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I have read that Ovation operates miracles.

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  1. jojo's mom

    I have had very good results using Nioxin . Get the shampoo, scalp conditioner, and foam. I use it everyday (for almost 2yrs} and it has helped my hereditary hair thinning. I am no longer trying to cover scalp showing! I have heard you need to continue to use it or the effects won’t continue but it is just part of a usual routine so that’s not difficult. It is not inexpensive, but not crazy expensive either. It is fairly available at salons or your hairdresser can get it. {I think I even saw it at the Walmart beauty salon in passing} I got mine as a gift and I am grateful everyday. Good Luck with your hair and the pregnancy.

  2. Peter Matasek

    If there is one thing that always affects the body and the mind of many people it is the loss of hair. These days you are bound to find many people visiting their private or even public doctors and sometimes others going to the extent of visiting beauty experts with this problem. It seems as if everyone is having a problem with hair… Read more here:

  3. Here is what helped me

    1. I switced to a vegan diet i am not saying that you have to do that, but what i am saying is try and get lots of fruit and veggies in the diet. especially apples, spinich, kelp, carrots and legumes.

    2. Introduce a high protein shake into your life 🙂

    3. Exercise every day even if it is just a walk.

    4. The herbs Horsetail and Nettle Leaf have helped me control my hair loss for some time now ( dont be discouraged if you dont see immediate effects)

    5.take a vitamin rich in b vitamins especially niacin
    i take Source of life gold

    6.Dont play with your hair

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