Does anyone know any cures for hair decline?

Issue by Blue: Does any person know any remedies for hair loss?
I endure from heriditary hair decline. I had been employing rogaine which was in fact likely properly but now I am pregnant and can no more time use it. My new hair is virtually all long gone and I am getting quite anxious. Does anybody know any kind of natural or natural remedies I can use till following my pregnancy?

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I have read that Ovation operates miracles.

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  1. I have had very good results using Nioxin . Get the shampoo, scalp conditioner, and foam. I use it everyday (for almost 2yrs} and it has helped my hereditary hair thinning. I am no longer trying to cover scalp showing! I have heard you need to continue to use it or the effects won’t continue but it is just part of a usual routine so that’s not difficult. It is not inexpensive, but not crazy expensive either. It is fairly available at salons or your hairdresser can get it. {I think I even saw it at the Walmart beauty salon in passing} I got mine as a gift and I am grateful everyday. Good Luck with your hair and the pregnancy.

  2. Here is what helped me

    1. I switced to a vegan diet i am not saying that you have to do that, but what i am saying is try and get lots of fruit and veggies in the diet. especially apples, spinich, kelp, carrots and legumes.

    2. Introduce a high protein shake into your life 🙂

    3. Exercise every day even if it is just a walk.

    4. The herbs Horsetail and Nettle Leaf have helped me control my hair loss for some time now ( dont be discouraged if you dont see immediate effects)

    5.take a vitamin rich in b vitamins especially niacin
    i take Source of life gold

    6.Dont play with your hair

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